Turned On:

Tuning In, In a Tuned-Out World

The Turned On book addresses the future of family, faith, business and health in a rapidly changing world, proposing the question;

What are we giving up, or missing out on, in the quest to advance life via technology and social media?

From boardrooms to bedrooms, coffee shops to gyms, the Turned On philosophy teaches people to resist always having to be in front of a device and asks them to express themselves better in person, with eager hearts and minds, something we’ve lost in our current culture of busyness and distraction.

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About the book

David says people today are so busy and so focused on what’s NEXT that they’re missing out what’s NOW. That’s why he focuses on the question “how do we slow down to move ahead?”

That question is answered in Turned On using three basic concepts; Presence, Balance and Opportunity, asking the reader to be aware of, and embrace, this new, fast-paced age of communication yet still hang on to those time-tested qualities which create real connection and let us know what it’s like to be “human again.”

As a devoted husband, father and entrepreneur, David believes that true and honest connection is at the root of every successful endeavor, be it business or personal and that the best way to create a successful life is to embrace our ability to flip the light on and course correct when we lose that connection.

“It seems to me we’re avoiding one another on a grand scale and that most people would rather text than talk, look past you and not at you or go around you rather than toward you. This ‘path of least resistance’ or ‘cruise control’ that we’ve been lulled into by technology and social media is fairly new, and the repercussions of which we don’t know yet. It can be both an obstacle and an opportunity.”

In his experience as both journalist and business coach, David recognized that human beings seemed to be moving farther away from one another rather than closer together, which led him to question, are we truly evolving or are we devolving, as once typical, dare to say normal, face-to-face communication and civil¬ity has almost become awkward.

Coining himself “a student of human interaction” he is calling on all people to see with new eyes and hear with new ears the beauty of the real world around them, TURNING THEM ON to envision a healthy and happy future for this generation and those to come.


When a person gets a revelation, it can change them and anyone around them. All of us were created to shine bright and manifest miracles. David Norrie in his new book shows us the way. His dedication to God, his family, and his calling. Has inspired me to turn on, speak up, and walk out my destiny in a new and beautiful way.

Tim Storey

“David is one of those rare soul’s that has always cherished and pursued both intentional and authentic connectedness with others. His transparency and humility have been known to disarm even the most defended of hearts, his wit will almost certainly leave you with a good laugh too! But perhaps above all, his seeming ability to slow time down will force you to be more present in your Spirit, Mind, and Heart and essentially then; more present in what we were created for in the first place, relationships.”

Natasha Nascimento Founding Executive Director Redefining Refuge, Inc.

“Success in life, be it in business, sales, relationships, or just making the most of ever single day, demands that you operate with confidence. The confidence to speak up, the confidence to say yes or no to the correct opportunities, and the confidence to present like a champ... After all, you’re always presenting, whether you realize it or not. Nobody does this better than David. He teaches introverts (like me) to be comfortable in their extrovert role, he reminds you of the value of having fun in every interaction, and he finds that inner person in you that you always wanted to display, but didn’t know how. The bottom line is this... David creates people that know how to get what they want, when they want, and how they want, in a way that serves humanity, all thanks to the tools he teaches.”

Chris Harder Creator of For the Love of Money Podcast

David is a lover of life and expression. Not many people see things the way he does, so automatically, when it comes to human interaction. He wants to wake people up. He holds our girls so tight at night when we tuck them in, praying for a future where life is lived in reality, not on a screen, where people don’t feel like strangers in their own homes or neighborhoods. That’s why he dedicated this book to fathers, he knows the ripple effect starts in our homes. It’s my belief that through his book and our mission, that more and more people will lift their heads and see with new eyes opportunities that are just a flip away.

Angelike Norrie

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