The Turned On Method

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The Turned On Method is 4-week introductory course specifically designed to break unproductive patterns in the 4 major areas of your life and find your own personal “ON” switch.

The first thing you must do when you feel an area of your life has been turned off, is to find the light switch and turn it back on. When you do, you can automatically see where you currently are and where you are headed.  

Ask yourself

where have your lights turned off?

Who Turned on is for

You know what turns you off,
But what does it take to turn you on?

The Turned On Method is for you if..
You feel stuck or stagnant  in your personal life or your business.
You are looking for direction in setting goals but don’t know where to start.
You are winning in one area of life but it’s taking a toll or greatly affecting other areas.
You are looking to create a method of order and balance in your life to achieve a harmony and prosperity for the long run.
You are seeking to advance your business or career with mentorship and accountability that aligns with core values and integrity.
You want to create impact in your community through social media without compromising your beliefs and who you are.

Live Virtual Training and Interaction with David and Angelike Norrie, the founders of Turned On

The Turned Method is so unique that no matter where you are in life, where you’re headed, or what your goal is, we’re going to teach you four simple steps to execute for immediate results.

I am still flying high on the momentum it brought me. I feel much clearer on the direction of my path and my goals moving forward. I took away great, practical tools that I have already put to use. A veil was lifted in certain areas of my life and they undoubtedly flipped the switch back on.
Catherine C.

During the 4 week course you will receive:

  • Private Facebook Community with daily interaction with David and Angelike along with all other attendees for the duration of the course and ongoing
  • Special guest experts for pop-in trainings in the closed Facebook group
  • A simple workbook to help you identify and map out your steps for any situation or goal
  • Weekly accountability assignments
  • Special offers and discounts to our other courses
  • Exclusive invites and discounts to Turned On Live events and Speak Up Course

How it works

  1. Register for The Turned On Method
  2. Download the workbook and get familiar with the content.
  3. You will receive an invite to our private, MEMBER ONLY Facebook community to have access to subsequent trainings and discussion, as well as to ask questions and get support throughout the 4 weeks
  4. Weekly live and interactive classes with David and Angelike Norrie
  5. Option to add a 1 hour private consultation to dig deeper with David or Angelike at a discounted rate
  6. Join the live Q&A session to ensure you have everything you need
  7. Upon completion, you will be added to our Turned On Insider FB Group for continued support and exclusive offers
  8. You will gain the clarity and confidence to execute lasting transformation in love, in your health, your work, your faith, and your legacy.

The Turned on Story

There’s real joy in waking up each morning feeling like God has a clear purpose for you. Most seek it.

There’s a true peace that washes over us when we know we’re working in our assignment. Most lack it.

Finally, there’s great regret in looking back on a life that feels half-lived. Most feel it.

No one knows you better than yourself and your Creator, which is why we believe that this will be your “go-to” method to navigate any area of your life, at any time, on any level. Seriously, this method is generational and timeless because we built it from timeless principles based on the Ultimate Creator of all time.

Some self development methods teach you someone else’s recipe for success, which might work some of the time but we outgrow it. Or it wasn’t right for us at all and we typically don’t know it until we have spent the money and wasted time. They can teach you how to repackage somebody else's ideas or imitate somebody else's schtick, when all you’re really searching for is to find your own gifts and be able to apply them over and over again for lasting change.

There's only one problem.

To get clear on your assignment, you need to know your gifts and you need to understand that success is not as much about who you know but how well you know yourself. It's about life's order.... a Divine Order. .

And typically, there are simple steps to immediately help you gain clarity while also strengthening your faith, deepening connection in your relationships, and create profitability for a lifetime.

But how can you clearly see where you're going if you're not sure where to start?

Like most people, you probably don't know how to assess your current environment for what you desire to achieve let alone even know what the first step is.

We knew there had to be a way to achieve excellence without feeling as if we were going through the mill. We were so over the clichés and the woo-woo language. Sure, there are great strategies out there but so often they are cookie-cutter and don't address the individual. Most of them made us feel like a number rather than a person.

When we get frustrated, we turn to our faith, it's always given us a roadmap to success in our spiritual journey but then we started noticing so many other parts of our lives where our faith could be applied. Plus we never wanted to compromise our values or time with our family in order to achieve what others had achieved.

After talking to so many of our peers and audience, we realized we weren't alone. So we prayed and read the Word and finally discovered what God has designed for us ALL. So we "downloaded" His Divine Order and realized what it would take to have a truly Turned On Life no matter what area needed the most focus or what level we had achieved.

We have witnessed (and experienced firsthand) that so many people are chasing after something that actually isn't meant for them in the first place and therefore are left more unfulfilled and frankly, in the DARK.

That's why we knew others needed to be Turned On. So we can all simply "flip the switch" to turn things back in FAVOR. We know you are able to truly establish Divine Order in your life and feel equipped to profit no matter what we felt called to pursue..

With The Turned On Method, you can strengthen your faith, gain unlimited clarity, deepen and enrich your relationships and be more profitable in every area of your life. .

Perhaps more importantly,  Turned On -The Method will:

  • Put an end to the relentless chase of shiny objects and the formless void they leave in your life
  • identify the "Big Four" areas of your life and how to keep them "Turned On" no matter what circumstances or goals you are facing
  • qualify and surround yourself with the "Core Four" people that can truly help you maintain excellence in those areas
  • Learn the qualifying "Standard Four" questions to ask yourself when setting boundaries or taking on a new goal

You can truly have a Turned On life - Life Abundantly


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